Bout Venue (2019)

Kentucky International

Convention Center

221 S 4th St

Derby City All-Stars

Derby City Bourbon Brawlers

Our Teams

 Derby City

Roller Girls


Became member of the

Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in 2009

Louisville, Kentucky 

Practice Venue

Champ's Rollerdrome

9851 La Grange Rd

About DCRG

​The Derby City Roller Girls is Louisville, Kentucky’s first and only Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby league. We are a diverse league coming together from Louisville and Southern Indiana to pursue excellence through competition and athleticism. We work together to passionately promote roller derby and foster the spirit of the sport while providing marketable sports entertainment for the greater Louisville Metro area.

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Our History

Established as an LLC in 2005, the Derby City Roller Girls (DCRG) is owned and operated by women who love to skate. DCRG started as a small group of passionate women with like-minded determination and dreams of bringing the sport and art of roller derby to the Louisville community. Their highest honor of 2009, the Derby City Roller Girls acquired status as an official member of WFTDA, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.​

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